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At QTB Korea, our philosophy revolves around providing top-notch beauty products that embody quality, trendiness, and timeless elegance. As a wholesale cosmetic company from Korea, we are driven by the core values of excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

About Us 

•  Quality: Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We carefully curate the best cosmetic products from reputable Korean brands known for their exceptional quality and safety standards. We prioritize the selection of high-quality ingredients to ensure that our customers receive nothing but the best in beauty.
 •  Trendy: As a trendsetter in the cosmetic industry, we stay ahead of the curve and constantly monitor the latest beauty trends in Korea and beyond. By offering the most up-to-date and trendy products, we help our customers elevate their beauty game and stay fashionable.
 •  Beauty: Beauty is more than just appearance; it's a reflection of confidence and self-expression. We believe that every individual is beautiful in their own unique way. Our mission is to provide a diverse range of cosmetic products that cater to different preferences and beauty needs, helping our customers enhance their natural beauty.

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Manufacture of your own brand at well-known factories in South Korea with the provision of formulas and textures, packaging design and branding of your product.

косметические продукты


The design team will develop a unique corporate identity and image of your company. Will rebrand and determine the success of the brand.

Заполнение формы


Certification of cosmetic products for import and legalization of sales in your country.

косметические продукты

Cosmetics wholesale


QTB company’s headquarters is located in Seoul. QTB Korea cooperates with various brands. We choose the best products, focusing on the trends popular in Korea and introduce its to our customers.

Selling worldwide. We guarantee compliance with price and quality! We invite entrepreneurs and companies to cooperation. Wholesale conditions - one cartoon box of any product.

For large wholesale has an additional discounts, provision of samples and marketing support from brands.

All products have declarations of conformity to the quality of the goods, which legalizes import and sale on the territory of the EAC countries. Sales to European countries are carried out under CPNP certificates.

We help brands with regulations, so almost all our Korean products for the European market are certified. Certified products on the product page of our website are marked with the EAC or CPNP logo.


Meet our CEO

Maria Lakienko


Professional activity

  • Project director for foreign economic activity, entrepreneur and consultant.

  • General Director of trade and consulting company in Seoul, South Korea. 

  • Business and management by education, fluent in Russian, English and Korean.

  • Good connections with trade and investment organizations in South Korea. 

  • Has ability to realize international trade and financial business projects.

Professional competencies in the field of foreign trade

  • Manufacturing of OEM cosmetic products on a turnkey basis.

  • Marketing research for Korean companies on integration into the Eurasian market.

  • Marketing research for companies on integration of products into the Korean market.

  • Consulting on customs clearance and certification of goods.

  • Media projects to increase sales, increase recognition of exclusive brands in Korea and Eurasian market.​


  • Member of KOTRA-a non-profit governmental organization for trade and investment promotion in South Korea.

  • Member of KITA - international trade association in South Korea.

  • Speaker at international startup forums in Seoul.

  • Manufactured and launched her own cosmetic brand.

  • Mentor on beauty projects for Chungbuk Free Economic Zone (Cbfez) in Osong, South Korea.

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