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What is EAC?


It is a document: certifying the safety of imported goods for the health of animals and people, as well as the environment; allows you to quickly move goods and raw materials across the borders of the countries - members of the Customs Union without difficulty.

Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan - members of the Customs Union


What is it for you?


The main purpose of this document is to confirm the compliance of goods with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union.

Without it, it is impossible to import goods into the territory of the member states of the Union.

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How to receive an EAC?

  • Collect a set of documents;

  • Send product samples for laboratory testing;

  • Conduct laboratory tests;

  • Fill out declaration templates;

  • Register the company on the state services website;

  • Upload the EAC to the website together; with supporting documents;

  • Wait for the registration decision;


Can a foreign company get an EAC?


The main rule is that only a company or individual entrepreneur registered on a permanent basis in the territory of one of the Customs Union countries can be an applicant.

When importing products into Russia from abroad, only an importing company registered in that country can obtain a certificate.

Foreign companies not registered in the Russian Federation or the Customs Union countries cannot be recipients of the certificate.

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How much does it cost and for how long can the certificate be issued?


The cost of issuing certificates starts at $150.

The exact amount depends on what documents the entrant already has (test report).

The type of certified products is also important. The validity of the EAC can be from one to five years. This means that it is produced according to the formulation established by the manufacturer, with the declared composition and in compliance with the agreed technologies. If the manufacturer decides to make any changes, he must notify the certification center about it.


Timeframe for EAC registration


The timeframe for registration depends on whether you have the necessary documents. Usually it takes about two weeks from the moment the samples are received by the laboratory.

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Registration process


First you need to determine the product category and the type of EAC / SGR certification. The price may also depend on this. The SGR state certification certificate will cost more, and the process of registering SGR is different from EAC.

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