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Rejuvenating facial system

Visible effect after the first procedure without injections and stress


What is express lifting therapy?

Express lifting therapy is a rejuvenation technique by saturating cell structures and tissues with carbon dioxide. Due to this, skin resources are stimulated.

The procedure requires a carboxylic gel, mask and hyaluronic serum.

Visible result

Natural ingredients

Our products are free of parabens, steroids, methanol, dyes and heavy metals

Visible effect after the first procedure, and with complex use, a stable result for a long time

No injections

Absolutely stress-free rejuvenation technology,

which does not apply any painful effects to your skin

How to use?

1.Apply the gel

2.Apply the mask

3.Expect 20-30 min

4.Apply serum

Apply the gel to cleansed skin

even layer on the face and neck areas

Apply the mask to face and neck, soaked in fruit acids on the side

Leave the masks

for 20-30 minutes, and then rinse well with warm water

Apply hyaluronic serum to your face

and neck


Indications for usage – elimination of:

Dark spots and bags under the eyes

Increased dryness of the skin

Traces of burns and scars

Surface-level and deep wrinkles

Lost firmness of the skin


Signs of aging


Elimination of excess secretion of the sebaceous glands

Improving lymphatic drainage and reducing puffiness

Reducing thickness subcutaneous fat and double chin

Reduction of pigmentation,   lightening and evening out skin color

Acne treatment and elimination of acne spots

Improving skin structure

About facial skin rejuvenation and tightening

Significant reduction in the depth of wrinkles


Resulting effect


After the first procedure, the skin color is visibly more even, smooth, and moisturized. Pores are minimized and most blackheads disappear.


The second procedure strengthens skin turgor, reducing swollen pimples and irritation.


After 3 to 10 procedures, small wrinkles, forehead lines, and pigmentation spots noticeably begin disappearing. If the technology is used consistently and as followed, and is used no less than 10 times, the effect can be seen for over 2 months.

Professional Lifting & Renewal Skin System Set

The set for procedures includes: improved gel formula (5 pcs.), Highly concentrated hyaluronic serum (5 pcs.), Masks for the neck and face (5 pcs.)

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